Wrench Torque Electric Rattle Gun


Wrench Torque Electric Rattle Gun



1/2″  21V Brushless Impact Wrench Torque Rattle Gun Electric rachet w/battery

■Powerful Impact Wrench: The 21V high power motor delivers 260N.M (190  ft-lb) of torque, offers efficient power transfer and the highest degree of  running smoothness, provides a wide range of applications.

■Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery: Coming with both a 4.0Ah battery and a  charger to ensure endurable run time and can be charged at any time, suitable  for both indoor and outdoor use.

■Excellent Quality: This is compact and powerful with a good ergonomic  handle, it can reduce fatigue during use. The variable speed control is great  and works seamlessly.

■Easy Operation: Ready for use straight out of the box, and there is no  restrictive power cords, so you can use it anytime and anywhere, super  flexible and convenient. (Press the switch do not loosen until fully  loosen/install the lug nuts.)

⚒【FAST CHARGING】Fast charger and 4.0Ah Li-Ion batteries with capacity  indicator provide longer working ability.

⚒【HIGH TORQUE AND SPEED】The 21V Impact Driver boasts a huge torque of 260Nm  with speeds up to 3300RPM . High work efficiency, widely used for fixing and  loosening the screw.

⚒【MORE CONVENIENT】Bright LED light for optimum illumination of dark work  areas.


■Professional lithium battery technology, ,10 sections electric  core,multiple charging, long service life

■High quality motor, small volume, heavy torque

■The rubber hand makes it more comfortable

■The whole aluminum head, durable, good sealing effect; tungsten steel  rotation shaft, impact resistance; Ergonomic soft-grip handle &  integrated LED work light, beautiful and durable

■Torque two gear adjustment

Package Included:

1 x Impact Wrench

1 x User Manual

1 x Heavy duty carrying Box

1 x US Plug Charger

1 x 4000mAh Li-Ion battery

6 x Sockets(14mm/17mm/18mm/19mm/21mm/22mm )

Package Size:31x28x250px,3.5KG

 Battery Maintenance And Matters Of Attention

■Don’t charge batteries that have enough electricity!

■Separate isolation in a dry place!

■Make sure that the battery is dry without water!

■The battery and the host body are placed separately ,It needs to be  charged every 15-30 days without use for a long time!

■ Clean up the battery every time you use it!

■When charging, someone should look next to it and be sure to disconnect  the charger when you leave!

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